The Top Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts for Faster Photo Editing

Looking to accelerate your Lightroom workflow? Mastering a few key keyboard shortcuts can shave hours off your editing time. Check out these top Lightroom hotkeys to start editing photos at warp speed.

  1. Opt/Alt + E: Synchronize Edit Settings

Select one photo, make your desired edits, then hold Opt/Alt + E to sync those changes to other selected photos. This shortcut saves tons of time batch editing.

  1. / : Before/After View

Instantly compare the original and edited versions of a photo by tapping / on your keyboard. Spot-check your edits as you go.

  1. F: Full Screen Mode

Quickly switch to full screen by hitting F for an immersive editing view without on-screen distractions.

  1. R: Crop Tool

Cropping is one of the most common adjustments. Tap R to activate the crop tool fast.

  1. C: White Balance Selector

For precise white balance changes, the eyedropper tool is key. C activates it so you can sample neutral colors.

  1. G: Graduated Filter

G swiftly applies a graduated filter to darken skies or create other directional effects across the image.

  1. O: Show Overlays

Hit O to toggle the display of overlays like grids and guides to aid composition adjustments.

  1. P: Adjustment Brush

Make selective, localized edits with the powerful adjustment brush invoked by P.

  1. M: Radial Filter

Add vignette effects, spotlight a subject, or blur backgrounds with the radial filter tool triggered by M.

  1. X: Rating Flags

Use X to apply color-coded star ratings so you can easily sort and filter images.

Work Smarter, Not Harder in Lightroom

Stop scrolling through menus and speed up your Lightroom workflow tenfold by memorizing these helpful hotkeys. And for full-featured presets that streamline editing even further, look no further than Our presets apply complex pro edits in just one click!

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