10 Common Lightroom Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Even experienced photographers make mistakes in Lightroom. But you can avoid common pitfalls and improve your editing workflow by being aware of these top 10 issues:

  1. Forgetting to Sharpen - Always sharpen photos on output, not excessively in Lightroom.
  2. Overprocessing - Resist overdoing edits. Touch up lightly for natural results.
  3. Mixing Color Temperatures - Ensure consistent white balance to avoid clashing color casts.
  4. Causing Pixelation - Export large enough image sizes to prevent unwanted pixelation.
  5. Going Overboard with Dehaze - Use Dehaze sparingly to avoid an artificial look.
  6. Crooked Horizons - Straighten tilted horizons for more polished images.
  7. Ignoring Lens Corrections - Fix distortion and vignetting with the profile corrections tool.
  8. Clipping Highlights - Check the histogram to avoid blowing out bright areas.
  9. Letting Noisiness Creep In - Apply noise reduction to eliminate graininess.
  10. Forgetting Watermarks - Use watermark presets on export to brand and protect images.

Correct Bad Habits For Better Edits

Avoid common amateur errors and get pro results from your images by being mindful of these 10 Lightroom pitfalls. Using presets like those from can also sidestep many issues. Our premium presets apply hand-crafted corrections and adjustments with just one click!

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