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About The Collection

Transform your photos like a pro, all at the tap of a button!

Embark on a visual journey to Bali's enchanting landscapes with the Lightroom Bali Preset. Crafted to encapsulate the vibrant colors, lush scenery, and captivating culture of this tropical paradise, this preset allows you to relive your Bali memories in every photograph.

Radiant Bali Aesthetics: The Bali Preset brings to life the vibrant hues and natural beauty that define this Indonesian gem. Elevate your photos with the same enchanting tones that bathe Bali's sunsets, beaches, and lush greenery in a warm, inviting glow.

Seamless Travel Storytelling: Whether you explored ancient temples or lounged on pristine beaches, the Bali Preset weaves a cohesive visual story of your journey. Each photo becomes a portal to your Bali experiences, evoking the emotions and adventures of your trip.

Effortless Tropical Elegance: Embrace Bali's exotic elegance effortlessly with a single click. This preset adds an air of luxury and allure, transforming your images into polished works of art that capture the essence of the island's charm.

Consistency for Curated Feeds: If you're curating an Instagram feed or travel portfolio, the Bali Preset ensures a harmonious aesthetic across all your images. Every post resonates with Bali's magic, creating a captivating digital album of your travels.

Personalized Adaptation: While inspired by Bali's beauty, the preset offers room for creative interpretation. Fine-tune settings to align with your personal style, allowing you to strike the perfect balance between the preset's magic and your artistic vision.

Capture Cultural Nuances: From Balinese dances to intricate temples, the Bali Preset accentuates the cultural nuances that make this island so captivating. It brings a sense of authenticity to your photos, allowing you to share Bali's culture with the world.

For photographers seeking to encapsulate the allure of Bali in their images, the Lightroom Bali Preset is an invaluable tool. Whether you're reliving cherished memories or sharing the beauty of Bali with others, this preset transports you to the heart of this tropical paradise with every photo.

What's included:

  • 20 BALI Presets For Lightroom Mobile (.DNG)
  • 20 BALI Presets For Lightroom Desktop (.XMP)
  • 20 BALI Presets For Lightroom Desktop (.lrtemplate)
  • Free Updates
  • Premium Support
  • Instant Download
  • Lifetime Purchase/ Unlimited use
  • Installation instructions
  • Support both RAW and JPEG images

Additional info

Use our presets with the FREE Lightroom CC Mobile App to enhance your photos. Our Presets are affordable and premium experience that takes your photography, blog, and editing to a professional level.

Instant access to downloads

After completing the order, you will see a button for downloading the presets. You will also receive an email with payment confirmation and a link to presets. The files will be downloaded from the order page in which a using guide will be included.

Remember, presets are an excellent tool for enhancing your photography and speeding up your editing workflow. We hope you enjoy using our presets and create stunning photos effortlessly! If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to get in touch. Happy editing!