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About The Collection

Transform your photos like a pro, all at the tap of a button!

Indulge in the sun-soaked splendor of the Amalfi Coast with the Lightroom Amalfi Preset. Elevate your travel and lifestyle photography to match the vibrant colors and breathtaking vistas of this Italian paradise.

Radiant Coastal Vibes: The Amalfi Preset is meticulously crafted to amplify the coastal charm of your images. From the azure blues of the Mediterranean sea to the sun-drenched pastels of charming villages, this preset brings out the region's unique allure.

Capture Dreamy Landscapes: Transform your landscape shots into dreamlike vistas. The Amalfi Preset enhances the details and colors of your images, making every scene come alive with the same enchanting beauty you experienced firsthand.

Effortless Elegance: Achieve a level of elegance that mirrors the sophistication of the Amalfi Coast. With a single click, infuse your photographs with the chic and refined atmosphere that this Italian destination is known for.

Consistent Vacation Aesthetic: Curate a visually cohesive vacation album that mirrors the magic of your Amalfi getaway. The preset ensures that every photo showcases the region's charm, allowing your memories to shine in a harmonious visual narrative.

Customize Your Memories: While the preset perfectly encapsulates the Amalfi aesthetic, it remains flexible for your creative input. Tailor the settings to match your unique perspective, ensuring your photos remain both authentic and captivating.

Embrace the Amalfi Spirit: The Amalfi Preset encapsulates the carefree spirit and romance of this coastal haven. Your photos will radiate the joy, relaxation, and beauty that you experienced during your journey.

For those who want to immortalize the magic of the Amalfi Coast in their photography, the Lightroom Amalfi Preset is an essential tool. Elevate your images to reflect the region's allure – from its breathtaking landscapes to its charming villages – and create a stunning visual homage to your unforgettable Amalfi adventures.

What's included:

  • 20 AIRY Presets For Lightroom Mobile (.DNG)
  • 20 AIRY Presets For Lightroom Desktop (.XMP)
  • 20 AIRY Presets For Lightroom Desktop (.lrtemplate)
  • Free Updates
  • Premium Support
  • Instant Download
  • Lifetime Purchase/ Unlimited use
  • Installation instructions
  • Support both RAW and JPEG images

Additional info

Use our presets with the FREE Lightroom CC Mobile App to enhance your photos. Our Presets are affordable and premium experience that takes your photography, blog, and editing to a professional level.

Instant access to downloads

After completing the order, you will see a button for downloading the presets. You will also receive an email with payment confirmation and a link to presets. The files will be downloaded from the order page in which a using guide will be included.

Remember, presets are an excellent tool for enhancing your photography and speeding up your editing workflow. We hope you enjoy using our presets and create stunning photos effortlessly! If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to get in touch. Happy editing!